A Year of Trying to be a Better Mom

Day 3 (2881-4320m): Fire Trucks April 21, 2010

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The Ravenswood Neighborhood Firestation

In “Little Boy World” there is a hierarchy of obsessions. It looks something like this:

1.) Construction Equipment

2.) Fire Trucks

3.) Dinosaurs

4.) Trains

5.) Cookies

Depending on the time of day (and line of sight!), cookies may be number 1, but that’s pretty much how Zach’s order goes anyway.

Today we decided to pay a visit to obsession #2–Fire Trucks!! Our local fire station is very close to us. Until today I never knew that you can just walk right up to your local station and they will give you a tour! Just because you want one! (well, as long as they aren’t busy saving lives or something like that 🙂 ). So, the friendly Fire Fighters down at Engine Company 110 of the CFD kindly let Zach hop up on the truck and the engine today. They also gave him a cookie. I’m not sure which part he liked better (but hey, that covers another obsession!).

We may revisit this activity sometime when Daddy is home to join us. Partly because I think that deep down, even grown men like fire trucks and also because Zach got a little bit shy today. I think with Daddy by his side, he’d be a bit braver and more adventurous. Mommy seems to inspire him to dance and sing. Daddy inspires him to be brave. I almost counted this activity as a “bust”, Zach was so shy. He didn’t want to try on the boots. He didn’t want to talk to the fire fighters. He was just quiet and pretty much glued to my leg. He did get inside the trucks though. Later on, however, he was still talking about it. And when I asked him what we did today, his response was, “Play with Fire Trucks”, so it must have been good!

Sitting on the engine

Inside the truck with fire fighter Danny

Outside the truck

The station with the doors closed and titles on the garage

To supplement our adventure today, we also went to the library and picked up the book Fire Truck by Peter Sis. Zach was very excited to read it before nap time.

As a bonus–the trip to the library will lend itself well for another day’s activity. We checked out the pass to the Chicago Children’s Museum. Man, I love the library! Sometime in the next 7 days (b/c that’s when we have to return the pass), we can all go to the museum for free. Woo hoo!

What did Zach learn today? He learned how big fire trucks are. He also learned that fire fighters are kind, helpful people (who may give you cookies)

What did Mommy learn? That Fire Engines and Fire Trucks are not collectively the same thing. A Fire Engine is the one with the hose and hooks up to the water. A truck (or hook and ladder) is the one with the equipment for search and rescue and things like that. Here’s a good explanation. Zach was told this too….but it may have gone over his head :). I also learned that just because it seems like your child may have been shy, or grumpy, or “out of it”, didn’t mean he didn’t get anything out of the activity.

Tips for other mommies: If you’re this sort of person (and not saying I am…but maybe), there really is something about a fireman that is just “hot”. So, ya know, maybe wear your mascara when you decide to go. And the shirt that isn’t stained with spit up. Er…um…I mean, not saying *I* did this…right…but you might want too.


5 Responses to “Day 3 (2881-4320m): Fire Trucks”

  1. hattie Says:

    I loved reading this!! I wish Charlie was a little older so we could copy all your activities…but maybe it will inspire me to do something a little more 1 year old appropriate when I’m home with him all summer.
    Keep up the great work–you sound like such a good mom 🙂

    p.s.–Patrick says I”m not allowed to be your friend on FB 😉 He was horrified to discover we were friends and said “but she’s MY friend.” Dork. I guess I have a two year, too.

  2. Alissa Says:

    It is so cool that you can check out passes from your library. Next time we’re visiting you maybe we can try to get one and go do something fun (children’s museum, aquarium, etc.). Does your library also have a storytime for kids? Ours does, and I’m thinking to sign up to take Ethan in the fall. I think it will be a fun (regularly-scheduled) activity for us.

  3. Patrick Says:

    I love this blog, looks like you all are having so much fun! Zach is a lucky guy to get to do so many things.

    P.S. In a couple weeks you should take him to a police station so he can see people who actually WORK for a living! 😉

    • erincb Says:

      I’m planning to do that too :). And a friend of mine’s husband is a police officer. She said we could come over for a “lights and siren show” sometime. I bet Charlie loves that at your house!

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