A Year of Trying to be a Better Mom

Day 13: Kites! May 2, 2010

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“Let’s go fly a kite! Up to the highest heights! Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring! Up through the atmosphere, up where the air is clear. Oh let’s gooooooooo, fly a kite!!”

One of the things that I love about living in this city is all of the fun, free stuff to do. If you look hard enough, there’s always something. Today was an event called “Kids and Kites Festival”.  And basically, it was just a whole buncha people all flying kites at the exact same time. Simple as that. And SUPER fun!

That's a lot of kites!

We took a walk down to Montrose Harbor to check it all out. For no charge, all the kids were given an opportunity to make their own kite. This was so simple that I figure you could do this with any paper bag you have lying around at home. Or even an old gift bag, to make it more fun and festive looking (if you don’t want to do the decorating yourself).

Picking up the kite kit

Self explanatory

Pete and Zach following directions to make the kite

After putting the kite together, we moved to the decorating station. Zach was a little bit more interested in playing with the markers and caps than he was in actually coloring the kite, but that’s OK. The ladies manning to booth provided us with streamers for a tail.

Coloring his kite

Isn't it beautiful?

Now it was time to fly! After we walked across the hill to find the perfect kiting spot, Pete tried to show Zach how to fly it.

Up it goes

Now Zach gets to hold it

It actually flies pretty well!

Half of the fun of this day was just looking up and seeing all of those kites in the air. It was really amazing. I mean, who knew that all you needed to provide a great time for hundreds of people was some good music blasting on loud speakers and a few hundred kites? Zach also enjoyed just running around freely and being able to shout and screech as loud as he wanted (gleefully, of course).

I was quite amazed that, given the amount of kites in the air in such a small space, there weren’t really too many string entanglement disasters. I mean, there were a few (and we were part of it), but not bad at all. After a few rounds of holding the string himself, Zach decided to let go of it, and not just let go, but THROW the string from his hands (and then run away giggling, of course). The kite was up about as high as it could go at this point in time and he timed the launch perfectly with a wind gust. He let go and that kite took off! Pete had to go sprinting after it. Eventually, when he caught up with it, the kite had come down in a tangled mess with another kite. Luckily, the other kite was not ruined. Ours, well, it was kind of a casualty. Luckily it was at the end of the day.

Hey, look! Dandelions!

All that running and flying makes a boy thirsty

Aw, look at the sleepies missing all the fun

Zach loved the Nemo Kite

The weather doesn’t look perfect, since it was so overcast, but it was decently warm outside, not too humid and definitely windy enough! We had a great time as a family down at the Kite Festival. Did I mention this was 100% FREE? It sure was!! I highly suggest to everyone to take a look at what your city has to offer in terms of family activities. You never know what you’ll find! We’ll have to be sure to go again next year!

Zonked! The sign of a successful day.

What did Zach learn today? How to make and fly a kite. And really, he just had a fun day hanging out with his family. Super bonus that it was outside! He also learned the words to some key party songs–like “Hot! Hot! Hot!” and “Karma Chameleon”–watch for him to be singing at your next family wedding. He’ll even do Bar Mitzvahs!

What did Mommy learn today? How easy making a kite is! I’m going to give making my own a shot and maybe I can post a follow up tutorial.


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