A Year of Trying to be a Better Mom

Day 15: Super Top-Secret Post May 4, 2010

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The next few days will be interesting when it comes to posting. I debated how I should do this. You see, there is a very special holiday coming up. It’s called Mother’s Day. You might have heard of it. Well, Zach and I have been working on some very special projects for this holiday to send to certain grandmothers we know. And, well, these grandmothers read this blog (so they tell me 🙂 ). We wouldn’t want these certain grandmother’s to get a sneak peek at what may or may not arrive in their mailboxes, possibly on time, for Mother’s Day and ruin the surprise, now would we??

But, I DO promise you all that after certain grandmothers have opened said special projects and it’s safe to let the cats out of the bags, I will post FULL updates and tutorials on said super top-secret special projects.

Aside from that, today was GORGEOUS outside. Zach asked me very nicely to “Walk, stroller?” and I had to say yes. It was definitely a playground day. So, the three kids and I took off for the park to enjoy the weather.

Before we left, Zach did pick me yet ANOTHER dandelion bouquet.

Better than a dozen roses! Unless you are my husband, in which case, you are not allowed to give me dandelions and call it a day

And then I tried to teach him about the other fun things his favorite “flower” can do. But well, teaching a kid blow on something is hard! He’d “pretend” to blow. Like, purse his lips and make a blowing noise, but not actually push out any air. In fact, he pretty much just spit on it. I will have to make it my goal to teach this kid to blow on a dandelion this week. And then, it will later be our goal to pull all the weeds from our lawn, but hey..I may end up desperate for ideas for activities. So I’ll just call it “lesson planning”.

What do you mean this does something else?

Pretending to blow on the flower

After several failed attempts and finally getting bored of the dandelions, we went to the park for a sunshine filled day of swings and slides. Today, Isaac decided to not sleep through it and join us. And since I’m SUCH a good mother, I forgot a sun hat for him. So, I let him wear Zach’s because Zach got sick of wearing it himself. Isn’t it cute on Isaac?

Isaac wearing Zach's hat. It's the perfect accessory to footed PJs.

What did Zach learn today? That dandelions turn from fun yellow flowers into something else. Hopefully he’ll figure out how to blow on them soon!

What did Mommy learn today? That teaching someone to blow is kind of hard. He knows how to blow into his whistle and harmonica toys, so I’m not sure what’s not translating here. But we’ll get to the bottom of it, don’t worry!!


4 Responses to “Day 15: Super Top-Secret Post”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I love reading your posts, Erin. You are a great writer, and your kids are the cutest.

  2. Tara (Helix) Says:

    I remember trying to teach Madeleine to blow. It is a tough concept for them to grasp. One thing that really helped with her was to blow on her face and hair so she could actually feel what I was talking about. Then one day she just “got” it.

    Can he blow on anything else- bubbles, train whistle, etc? You can tell him it is like blowing those.

    • erincb Says:

      Tara–he can blow into whistles and bubbles, so I’m not sure what his hold up was yesterday. I think I was saying, “Like THIS” and then was doing it myself, so he was just imitating. I’ll try blowing on his face and maybe I’ll get the bubble wand out to show him what to do too. Good tip!

  3. noelle Says:

    Ihad the exact same issue trying to teach Aidan! how funny.

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