A Year of Trying to be a Better Mom

Day 35: Hot Day, Cool Pool May 24, 2010

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90 + degrees in May? Crazy I tell you!! Yes, I’m the girl who complains that it’s cold at 50 in spring time and then can’t handle the heat when it comes. 72 is perfect I say! No need to be warmer (or colder) than that. But, when it IS warmer than that, there’s no better relief for a kid than a kiddie pool and a squirty hose.

The morning on Sunday started out pleasant and then very quickly went to blistering. After coming home from church and eating lunch, Pete set up the kiddie pool in the back yard for Zach.

This activity was all about fun and refreshment (and burning 2-year-old energy). I suppose I could have thought of a lesson, but it doesn’t always HAVE to be about that. Zach and Daddy spent some time playing in the backyard and bonding. Zach loves having Daddy time, so this was perfect!

He is having too much fun

Looking at me upstairs on the deck and deciding to try and get me with the hose. He ended up hitting his sister with the spray. She was not happy. So it begins.

What did Zach learn today? To have fun in the sun! And probably that hose water is super cold (do kids even notice that kind of thing?).

What did Mommy learn today? Simple things are so joyful. Like cold water in a little pool.


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